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Hagafen – Boutique Suites

Our Story

Introducing Hagafen – Where history meets hospitality

Nestled atop the serene Carmel Mountain range, at the heart of Zichron Yaakov’s idyllic Old Square (“Ha’Moshava”), a timeless traditional townhouse has undergone a remarkable transformation. Welcome to Hagafen – a haven that weaves the past and the present, offering an unparalleled fusion of historical significance, architectural marvel, and contemporary interior elegance. Here, guests are invited to unwind, rejuvenate, and immerse themselves in the enchanting ambiance of the Old Square, the majestic mountain landscape, the finest local cuisine, world-renowned wineries, sun-kissed beaches, and beyond.

אסתר ויעקב כהן - מתוך אלבום משפחת זכרון יעקב
סדר הכנסת אורחים - ארכיון מר חיליק לייטנר

Our journey unveiled

Each stone echoes a tale, and every townhouse harbors its secrets. Our story unfurls in the late 19th century, during the First Aliyah, a pioneering wave of Jewish immigration to the Ottoman-ruled Land of Israel. Meet Esther and Yaakov Cohen, a young and visionary couple whose love for the Holy Land led them to forsake their tranquil life in Romania, embarking on a transformative journey to establish their home in Zichron Yaakov’s welcoming embrace. Within the heart of the Moshava, they nurtured their family of eight – four boys and four girls – and their dwelling swiftly evolved into a cherished cornerstone of the community. By 1888, this remarkable couple embarked on a unique venture, extending hospitality according to the principles of Jewish Halacha to fellow travelers.


Amidst the tumultuous currents of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as geopolitical shifts shaped the region, Zichron Yaakov ascended to prominence. Serving as the clandestine headquarters of NILI, a Jewish intelligence network aiding the United Kingdom in their struggle against Ottoman control, the townhouse found itself enmeshed in history. Concealed beneath its venerable exterior lay an intricate network of underground tunnels, a clandestine passage that linked disparate corners of the Carmel Mountain range.

סדר הכנסת אורחים - ארכיון מר חיליק לייטנר

An oasis of distinctive elegance

Behold “Hagafen,” home to eight exquisitely designed boutique suites that seamlessly blend the architectural splendor of 19th-century templar stone masonry with meticulous modern renovations. The resplendent stone walls, lofty ceilings, and earth-toned pigments are gracefully intertwined with the innate beauty of the Carmel landscape. Every detail of our interiors has been thoughtfully curated, harmonizing with the essence of the local environment and drawing upon regional materials to evoke an authentic and historic ambiance that is unmistakably Hagafen.


At Hagafen, history is etched into every stone, a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who shaped this dwelling across generations. Join us on a journey that transcends time, celebrating the echoes of the past while embracing the luxuries of the present. Experience the magic of Hagafen, where stories and architecture meet to create an enchanting retreat like no other.

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