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The Fruit of the Vine

On top of the Carmel Mountain range, in the heart of Zichron Yaakov’s pastoral Old Square (“Ha’Moshava”), a centuries old traditional townhouse has been renovated and refurbished to accommodate guests coming from afar. ‘Hagafen’ melds the old with the new, offering a unique blend of history, stone masonry architecture and a modern-day approach to detailed interior design. This unique combination of elements will allow guests to take time to unwind, relax and experience the picturesque atmosphere of the Old Square, the surrounding mountainous region, the refined local culinary and nationally renowned wineries, the nearby sandy beaches, and much more.

Our Story

Introducing Hagafen – Where history meets hospitality

Every stone has its unique story, and every townhouse has its cherished secrets. Our story begins during the late 19th century, during the First Aliyah (the first wave of Jewish immigration to the Ottoman occupied Land of Israel). Esther and Yaakov Cohen were a young and idealistic couple, who’s love and passion for the Holy Land brought them to Zichron Yaakov all while leaving their comfortable lives in Romania to establish their home in the Moshava, where they raised their eight children (four boys and four girls).

אסתר ויעקב כהן - מתוך אלבום משפחת זכרון יעקב

The Property

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